Commercial Façade Consultants – Summary

Commercial Façade Consultants – Summary

Commercial Façade Consultants are dedicated to excellence in façade design.
Our extensive and unique specialist knowledge and engineering skill in this highly technical and niche field sets us apart. Being fully focused on the best possible façade design and technologies allows us to develop concepts and methods best suited to your projects.

We provide façade design, analysis and review services and work closely with architects, structural engineers, services engineers, environmental and sustainability consultants, contractors, manufacturers and installation specialists to deliver high performance solutions. We are proactive engaging people, who understand that our knowledge and skills can assist in unlocking opportunities and can be critical to the successful delivery of the project. With the constantly increasing complexity of facades and the more onerous performance and compliance requirements, we have the specialist skills required to achieve viable solutions.

We help our Clients recognise and mitigate the performance, procurement, quality and health and safety risks of façade systems. We do this through close attention to Client needs by asking the right questions, identifying, weighing up and proposing the available options to arrive at best fit solutions. We are actively engaged, diligent and attentive to detail through drawing reviews, fabrication, testing and assembly through to installation on site.

Our Clients are supported by our experienced senior specialists who remain hands on throughout the process.

Our team works on every aspect of the building envelope. We advise on new and existing buildings – and both modern and traditional façades, our façade services include:

  • Façade materials and system selection
  • Façade system design, PS1 producer statement
  • Passive House design
  • Wind analysis
  • Shading analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Technical performance specification
  • Specification of maintenance and access equipment
  • Value engineering
  • Tender technical review
  • Subcontractor submissions review
  • Performance testing specification and review
  • Façade system testing
  • Window system testing
  • Site water testing
  • Construction monitoring
  • Operation and maintenance review
  • Compliance peer review, PS2 and PS4 producer statements
  • Existing building façade investigation and reporting
  • Due diligence reports
  • Development of new systems
  • Structural Engineering
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Christchurch façade engineer
  • Christchurch façade engineers
  • Christchurch engineers
  • Expert witness work
  • Expert witness

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The Team:

Anna Crowther – Director
With a formal background in structural engineering, façade engineering and construction management, Anna has led the facade design and delivery across a variety of high profile projects across all market sectors within the New Zealand façade industry, including more recently the Pacifica residential tower in Auckland and the Christchurch Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Anna takes a collaborative approach with project teams and has extensive project management experience and an astute commercial acumen in the areas of project design, coordination, contracting and client management.
Anna is a big picture person, she has great commercial awareness and will direct the project to value based solutions.
Anna has an extensive understanding of façade systems and the structural design of buildings in New Zealand and Europe. She is also experienced with how the façade seismic, energy, thermal, acoustic, fire and budget requirements affect a successful façade design outcome.
Anna’s in-depth knowledge of New Zealand compliance paths and the local façade and structural industry, as well the capabilities of international markets, allows her to understand and communicate the intricacies of façade procurement and delivery, and the importance of these considerations throughout the design process. She is passionate about Passive House design and very keen to roll more of these types of projects throughout beautiful
New Zealand.
021 158 5393

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